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Mary’s motto:

Every new language makes the world bigger
– Chris Zollo

Teacher & Tutor


Mary is a highly experienced English language teacher who has been teaching for over 10 years. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of English culture and language with her students. Mary has a warm and friendly personality, which makes her classes engaging and enjoyable. She uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure that her students are able to learn effectively and progress quickly.

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George’s motto:

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine
– Elvis Presley

Teacher & Tutor


George is a charismatic and dynamic English language teacher who brings energy and enthusiasm to every class. He has a passion for teaching and is constantly coming up with innovative ways to engage his students. George is a native English speaker and has a deep understanding of English culture, which he incorporates into his lessons. He is dedicated to helping his students develop their language skills and achieve fluency in English.

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Linda’s motto:

It’s never too late to learn something new.

Teacher & Tutor


Linda is a talented and dedicated English language teacher who has a gift for making complex grammar concepts easy to understand. She has a wealth of experience teaching both beginners and advanced students and is committed to helping her students achieve their language goals. Linda is patient and supportive and always takes the time to ensure that her students feel confident and motivated.

What we do best

Our superpower #1 is to:

Identify your main goals and translate them into an engaging, beautiful language-learning process that will give your life an extra boost in development.

Perceive the whole task and design the journey for students in a way that captivates and captivates the beautiful properties of the English language.

We will make sure that :

Getting everyone to work cohesively, creates exactly the effect you and your friends want to achieve. We will turn the course into a beautiful and fascinating process from which it will be difficult to tear yourself away.

Our main superpower is inventive pedagogy, so in every project, we work hard to make your language learning effective.

Together, we can do more

Fun & Random Facts

The year we’ve started

As soon as it turned out we complemented each other so well, we started a business together! It was business love at first sight.

Students graduated

Working together, we are like a well-oiled machine. As a team, we can work faster than single teachers.

Cookies Mary brought in last week

Mary adores baking, so if you come round to our office, homemade cookies are a guaranteed treat!


There are many languages in the world that are worth learning…
But in my opinion, English is a language worth spending a lifetime learning.
Learn English to discover the world of the greatest works of literature and science! The English language is beautiful!

Chris Zollo

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